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Important Characteristics Of An Individual s Behavior

Business is a broad field, and there are many important characteristics that play a significant role in ensuring that business decisions are done correctly. Laws and regulations are made and enforced to make sure that corrects decisions are done. One of the main purposes of laws is to make sure that ethical principles are not broken. However, each situation is different and some times laws and ethics intertwined, and laws could cause people to act in unethical ways. Ethics could be defined as moral principles that guide an individual’s behavior. Ethics could be influenced by the person who is seeing it and by the culture in where the situation is taking place (McKay, Nitsch Peters). A major guideline that could be used to evaluate if a situation is ethical is to determine if a situation is right or wrong. Is very important that businesses or global banks follow ethical guidelines. This would allow society to trust in their decision making. The word society covers a big group of people, which include investors, clients, and other financial industries (McKay, Nitsch Peters). Having ethical guidelines would help a business or a bank to growth in a healthy way for a long term. Moreover, a recent ethical scandal that took place in London but had a huge influence in the United States was the JP Morgan London Whale Scandal. This incident took place in 2002, and it brought huge losses to the biggest bank in the United States. This is what happened in 2002, JP Morgan tradersShow MoreRelatedHigh-Performance Teams1225 Words   |  5 PagesAbstract The purpose of this paper is to explain how a group can become a high-performance team. The purpose is also to examine the impact of demographic characteristics and cultural diversity on group behavior. This paper will illustrate how demographic characteristics and cultural diversity contribute to or detract from high-performance teams. High-Performance Teams A high-level of performance makes up the basis for groups and teams today. High-performance is a major focus for many organizationsRead MoreCybercrime Law Research Paper911 Words   |  4 Pageschoose not to participate in the criminal behavior. On the other hand the positive school of criminology believes that individuals participate in crime because of forces beyond individual control and relies on the scientific method to prove it s theories (Cullen amp; Agnew, 2006 ). Individuals should not be held solely responsible for their actions because not everyone is rational. Outside factors can play an important part in determining one‟s participation in crime. Now that we haveRead MoreOrganizational Citizenship Behavior Is Defined As A Set Of Behaviors1669 Words   |  7 Pagesreview Introduction: Organizational citizenship behavior is defined as a set of behaviors which extends from one s basic requirements of job. Generally, organizational citizenship is extra role behavior or a variety of behaviors like helping colleagues and organization by presenting it in a positive way in front of others and by doing over time voluntarily. The first research made on organizational citizenship behavior was by Bateman and Organ in 1980 s. They presented their genuine theories that wasRead MoreAdolescent Drug Abuse And Alcohol1426 Words   |  6 PagesSubstance abuse can lead to negative behavior such as problems at home and school, loss of friends, health issues, and lack of memory. This paper will focus on how peer, family characteristic, and individual and factors link with substance abuse in adolescents. It also will show a connection and variables linking to factors in at risk youth. It is a fact that most adolescent are influence by drugs and alcohol because of their peers, family a nd individual characteristic. IntroductionRead MoreThe Biological Theories Of Crime Essay1218 Words   |  5 PagesBiological theories of crime attempt to explain behaviors through examination of individual characteristics. Cesare Lombroso was one of the founding fathers of the biological theory of criminology, stating that criminals are biologically different from non-criminals. The biological perspective explained that crime was a characteristic of human nature. Through Lombroso’s research observing physical characteristics in Italian prisoners and soldiers, he concluded that criminals were physically differentRead MoreWhat Is Organizational Culture And Discuss Factors Associated With Understanding An Organization Is Its Success1353 Words   |  6 Pagesassociated with understanding an organization s culture, with examples presented to show my discussion points. This essay will therefore discuss some of the main reasons why it is important for organisation and when it should be changed. In the era of globalization, exploring and understand the culture and behavior of the organization have become very important, as it is composed of people of different race, color and culture. Organizational behavior culture largely determines the interaction ofRead MoreBehavioral Genetics : How Does Genes Influence Brains Behavior1600 Words   |  7 PagesBehavioral Genetics: How does Genes Influence Ones Behavior Many believe that the environment such as the individuals people associate with, the extracurricular activities people are involved in, the music people listen to, including things shown on tv and video games all influence behavior. Though all of the things listed above are said to be true, and do indeed play a role in behavior. There are major things inside the body that trigger peoples behavioral responses. Those major things are calledRead MoreSituational Leadership Theory Of Leadership Essay1214 Words   |  5 Pagesleadership depends upon each individual situation. This theory requires an individual to analyze the needs according to a particular situation and then act towards it. Ability or maturity of the followers are equally important than leader who leads the situation. Situational leadership theory is a part of the group of the theories which are known as contingency theories of leadership. Contingency theories of leadership suggests that a leader s efficiency is related to the leader s skills or behaviour inRead MoreMedia Aggression And Aggressive Behavior Essay1033 Words   |  5 PagesI found that this review examined just how aggression and aggressive behavior is depicted in the media and how this impacts society’s perspectives and thoughts when it comes to aggression behavior. There was a review of the literature by the authors, in which they analyzed the relational and physical aspects of aggression in many media aspects (film, broadcast television, music, books, and video games). Findings across media types, the evidence finds that both physical and relational aggressionRead MoreDifferent Types Of Individual Behavior1683 Words   |  7 Pagesstrongly depends on how well the individuals work together as part of a team and how they p ortray themselves with their personality and emotions. One’s individual characteristics can greatly affect how well they can work with others. These individual characteristics include; personality, values, self-concept, perceptions, emotions and attitudes, and stress. In combination with one’s individual characteristics, there are four variables that influence an individual’s behavior and performance. These four

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